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Leveraging the power of Synthetic Biology to create diagnostic tests that can be used in a variety of settings

What is INSPECTR™?

INSPECTR™ leverages the power of synthetic biology by using freeze dried synthetic gene networks as programmable molecular diagnostic devices.

The INSPECTR™ platform enables the creation of instrument-free, simple-to-use diagnostic tests that can be deployed in a variety of settings across multiple applications.

A powerful platform bringing answers to the point of need

INSPECTR™ can be adapted for use in a variety of settings and in multiple formats. By decentralizing testing, INSPECTR™ has the potential to dramatically change health outcomes for people all over the world, mitigating the spread of disease and helping patients make vital health decisions sooner.

Ambient Temperature Amplification

Leverages biological amplification and proof-reading with cell free transcription and translation


Transduces nucleic acid hybridization into any encoded output

Ease of Use

Produces signal readout without complex laboratory instrumentation

How it Works

INSPECTR™ can be programmed to distinguish targets based on single nucleotide differences without an instrument at ambient temperature. When INSPECTR™'s unique molecular sensors detect the presence of a nucleic acid target, a reporter protein is produced. This protein output can be designed to generate a signal tailored to any medium, providing a simple diagnostic readout. This novel approach enables the rapid development of molecular diagnostic tests that are low cost, easy-to-use and broadly applicable.

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