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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Drives the Innovation Engine at Sherlock

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence

Driven by data and the predictive power of machine learning, Sherlock is engineering biology with AI to advance innovation in next-generation molecular diagnostic design and novel Cas enzyme discovery.

Underpinned by deep learning architecture trained to learn the complex relationships of nucleic acid sequences, Sherlock’s proprietary CRISPR and synthetic biology-based technology platforms accelerate the assay design, diagnostic product development and commercialization timeline.

AI is at the core of our innovation engine at Sherlock

Deep learning architecture accelerates our diagnostic product development
Product Development

Accelerating assay design and development

Leveraging data from our bioinformatics pipeline and proprietary machine learning model, Sherlock accelerates assay design and development. Our proprietary machine learning model predicts which molecular diagnostic components will perform with the greatest speed and accuracy in the field for detection of novel pathogens or clinical analytes of interest.

Sherlock’s computational tools enable predictable assay design to rapidly develop highly accurate and affordable molecular diagnostic products for a broad range of settings and applications.


Pipeline for rapid genomic locus selection

Machine Learning

Predictive optimization for high performance


Model directed biological engineering

Data Science

Diagnostic assay data analysis

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